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The Singapore by Carlos Monforte

The Singapore by Carlos Monforte

The Singapore by Carlos Monforte

Photographer: Carlos Manforte

Carlos Manforte
born in Barcelona on May 1969 based in Singapore for 12 years. Photographer and world traveller 

Also please feel free to visit my site, where you can see all my photos of Singapore: https://carlosmonforte.500px.photography/ https://500px.com/p/CarlosMonforte/galleries/singapore https://500px.com/p/CarlosMonforte/galleries/light-painting 

located: Singapore

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At Home in the World – Carlos Monforte” by Victoria

First of all thanks for reading my profile, I am mostly a travel photographer.
My work are mostly landscapes, cultural & streets portraits, and wildlife photography. In my photographs I want to show the world how I see and how I feel every different place that I shoot, maybe not the most traditional photography as for me a camera is a tool that I use for my work and capture light. But maybe more important is to be there shooting, and the post personal editing of my work.

About my landscape photography, I have to comment some differences on my work, in comparison with some other photographers. It’s very rare that my landscape photography’s composed of only one shot, most of them are Panoramas with 9 to 20 shots on a horizontal line. And many of them I called a “panorama merged in time” As in only one final edited photo I merge photos were taken on different time of shooting work, many times 3 to 5 hours, including on the same work, lights form the afternoon, the Sunset, the Dusk and night lights altogether.

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