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is a newest online project connecting people with good taste and passion in photography

In addition to the photo albums you will find here articles and interviews from the world of photography. In the presented works you will discover the truth about people and their stories. You will avoid exaggeration and artificial frames.
In architecture, we will discover simplicity and look for its correlation with nature.
We will introduce you to the well-known geniuses of the image, but also try to discover creators whose existence you have not heard so far

Access to the main content of our magazine is and will always be free of charge

The main idea of our magazine is to promote natural and aesthetic photography in the range of four categories visible in our main menu. One of our top goals is to promote photographers and people related to their work in our magazine and on our social media pages.

Ultimately and on the dates specified soon, our magazine will be enriched with additional functionalities, which in our opinion will improve your experience

We are honored to host you here.

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The Equilibrium Online is brought to you by our editorial team:

Olimpia Pach Editor
Kordian Pach Editorial Intern
Cody Smith Editor-in-chief

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