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As the day gives way to the night

As the day gives way to the night

As the day gives way to the night


Łukasz Spychała
Instagram: @koneser_fotografii
contact: lukcore95@gmail.com
located: Poland, Wroclaw


Aleksandra Debska
Instagram: @rozalinagunvor

The sunset – different in every corner of the world, always beautiful

Especially at the seaside, where the rays reflected in the water create a fairytale-like picture with the wonderful color palette of the sky.

A ball supposedly of fire plunging into the depths of the sea, causing all living creatures to hold their breath for a moment to watch this wonderful phenomenon in silence.

When it is quiet, empty, a person, looking at the reddened sky, marvels at how gradually and slowly she disappears from the horizon. A wonderful, huge red ball against the yellow-red sky will never get bored with people, because every time they look at it, they see its beauty anew.

Looking at the sunset, joyful moments are remembered. Everyone is watching with the hope that after the sunset a new, beautiful day will begin, after which it will be possible to admire the new sunset again and its undying glow.

Some people used to believe that the sun was a god for a reason because we see a lot of magic in him to lift our spirits. We look with almost reverence at this amazing phenomenon because each time it shows anew the beauty of the ending day.

Sometimes, along with this sunset, we drown our worries, problems in the sea and think about how we can improve our life so that we can enjoy it fully.

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