Do you like natural and authentic photographs?

You create photos that defend themselves without unnecessary retouching and distorting reality?

Submit your work to The Equilibrium Online


Before you will submit your work make sure all of your images are:

  • creative and natural (we prefer original looks)
  • separate images and in the following formats ONLY! ( .GIF, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .MP4, .MP3, .WAV)
  • JPG format with lowest possible compression (suggested 11/12)
  • 300ppi and the largest file size you have
  • signed with your full name at the start of EACH file name: john-doe-FILENAME.jpg
  • RGB (Adobe RGB is best but sRGB is also fine)
  • not published before, except your own social media channels

ALL  editorial submissions need 6 or more images for feature. ( if not they will be rejected)
Please allow 14 days for review of your submission
We prefer sets of photographs with written backstories or articles

Publication conditions

Portrait and Nude Art

Photos sent for publication should meet several expectations:

They should depict elegant nudity, showing models in a non-scandalous manner. These may be pictures that are generally considered bold, but please avoid pornography.

Photos should be edited as little as possible. Please do not change the physical features of the photographed figures, allowing only for the retouching of temporary physiognomic features and the use of light and shadow techniques.

Photographs made in analogue techniques are welcome, but it is not a requirement.  The photos sent should be described with the names or nicknames of the authors.
The editorial office should be informed with the consent to make the model’s image public. This consent will be verified by our editorial staff through official contact channels.

Architecture and Landscape

You may only submit photographs of objects for which you have permission to make public, or when consent to their publication is not required.

The photos should be signed with the name of the object being photographed and their authors, if required.

The photographer should not change the characteristic features of an architectural object, but only use the skill of presenting it in an interesting way in his work.

Please make sure that the photos submitted for publication are based on the use of non-editing photographic skills. We do not allow photos to consist of many artificially superimposed frames.


At all times you will retain the full copyright of your images. All submitted images must be your own work and you must be the sole author and owner of copyright. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your work complies with ownership and copyright requirements. All images submitted must not be obscene, defamatory or in breach of any applicable UK legislation or regulations. If we have reason to believe your submission is not your own work or otherwise breaches these terms and conditions, your work will not be considered


It is your responsibility to ensure you have the relevant model releases and licenses, where required


By submitting photos for publication in our magazine, you agree to post them on our social channels in order to promote the page with your photos


You consent to the possible participation of your works in the non-commercial photo exhibition, from which any income will be donated to the development of our online magazine and awards for creators

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